Conference Date: 3 - 5 December 2013 / Johannesburg, South Africa

The 3rd Global Conference on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change

Day One

Plenary, Session One

Professor Mandivamba Rukuni

Dr. Sonja Vermeulen

Dr. L. Magingxa

Ms. Xiangjun Yao

Dr. Tim Searchinger

Plenary, Session Two

Dr. Mario Samaja

Professor RE Schulze

Mr. Eelco Baan

Day One, Room 1

Dr. S Moyo

Mr. Nsananikiye Zenon

Dr. Langelihle Simela

Dr. Heinz Meissner

Dr. Andreas Jenet

Dr. M Scholtz

Day One, Room 2

Dr. Andrea Cattaneo

Mr. Thabo Ramashala

Mr. Hakim Baliraine

Dr. R Kahane

Professor KK Ayisi

Dr. Janny Vos

Day One, Room 3

Dr. Tobias Takavarasha

Dr. Van Lynden Godert

Dr. Thomas Ruth

Dr. E Mwendera

Day One, Room 4

Ms. U Spies

Mr. Simphiwe Ngqangweni

Dr. Erin Maderia

Day Two

Plenary, Session Three

Professor Alice Pell

Dr Dale Andrew

Dr Bruce Campbell

Dr Yemi Akinbamijo

Day Two, Room 1

Mr Ijeoma Emenanjo

Dr. Prem Bindraban

Day Two, Room 2

Mr Iain Henderson

Dr. Eddy Moors

Day Two, Room 3

Ms Sonja Esche

Professor Luc D'Haese

Mr Harry Palmier

Dr. Lindiwe Sibanda

Plenary, Session Three Invited Speakers

Dr. Manyewu Mutamba

Dr John Purchase

Dr. David Leclere

Dr. Mark Rosegrant

Mr Karl Deering